Sunday, May 20, 2012

John Aristedes

John is 6 foot 1 and of average weight. He is Caucasian, with grey eyebrows, and body hair. His eyes are dark brown. He and his family recently came from England, so he speaks with an English accent. John is as old as Maria, if not older. He always wears business suits. He has an athletic build. His health is impeccable. He is attractive. His species is vampire, his genus is Nosferatu. He was born in Eastern Europe.

Walking In The Forest

Andrea Aristedes

Andrea wore wigs at times from century to century, but she grew tired of hiding who and what she was. Species Vampire Sub species Nosferatu Ilustration by Ewell


The Nosferatu had evolved from their hideous beginnings. The Aristedes and their kin resembled bald humans. Both men and women blended in very nicely in appearance and demeanor.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Vera Aristedes

Drawing by Ewell Vera applied red eye shadow to her eyelids. She brushed around her eyes and around eyeliner. She had concealer on hand to hide the dark circles around her eyes. She always loved the bright colors of eye shadow unlike the darks her daughter adored.

The Meeting

John stood in his office looking at the window. He opened his mouth as if to yawn,his fangs grew as his tongue touched them. "I'm hungry," he said to himself. Vera heard him an said, "control your self honey the Czarina is on her way." "Well all the better," John Aristedes.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Elements

Illustration by Samnet "Why can’t she remember, I remember? It must be my condition. I can’t remember how I made the ring let alone how to activate it," Hillary Hermes.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dina Ferreti

"Oh mother please, just a taste.I'm so hungry. I haven't eaten this way for centuries."Dina Ferreti
Illustration by Ewelina

Friday, May 4, 2012

She is Named!

I find the stones, but nothing. There is no spark or jolt of lightening. I feel as always,my essence is still almost gone, my strength is depleted. I can't continue to drag myself from island to island like this.“Hillary Hermes, you are missing something. It’s the noble gasses for you are NOBLE,” he says. “Try these,” he says as he writes the symbols for platinum, gold, and lead in the sand. I sift the sand around me with a wave of my hand. Particles of gold, lead, and platinum appear there. I levitate gold, lead, and platinum, they took their places on the ring. I look hypnotic and remember I can do this at will. I flex the lazy gas in air, then opening both hands to wrap the blue green ray. Then argon and antimony vapors come from the air around me and activates the ring.  I begin to breath faster and faster. My heart beat is loud. Then my breathing slows and my hands rest on my wet suit. I collapse in the sand and then a word appears in Greek before me. It is Hermes!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

San Juan County

Hillary's home and place of the biggest war between witches and vampires in history!

Witch Wars

"Witches cannot cheat death,that's a line we cannot cross," Hillary Hermes