Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Melinda Blue

Melinda has brown shoulder length hair. She is in her twenties. She always wears casual blue clothing. She is athletic in great health. She is plain, and she paces when she is in trouble. Her voice quality is monotone. She fears people will learn she is a witch. She is of higher middle class. She was born and brought up in Seattle. Melinda is a college graduate, and a nurse in the hospital. She knew of the vampires by watching Dante. Melinda has been spying for the witches for many years. Her ethnic roots are Irish. She has Celtic witch powers. Her goal is to be of help and wants to help others every chance she can. She wants to be respected. She sometimes follows others without questioning. She has a beauty mole on her face. She loves to twirl her shoulder length brown hair. Her specialty is potions and lotions. Her point of view is others, and she is a good witch. Melinda is tall and thin. She can see into your past with one touch. She has failed relationships with men, and often falls for the wrong ones.  She doesn’t get along with her parents. She likes to be with other people more than her family. She hates holidays, because she doesn’t want to be stuck with her family. Melinda would rather spend special days with friends. She longs for a white picket house and a family of her own. She loves children. She loves being a witch; her life was too boring before she found her witchood. She tracks sensual deaths. She hates soothsayers of the future. Melinda doesn’t believe in crystal balls, because she can see into the past she believes the future can be dangerous. She values friendship. She fears death. She has a good imagination. She coordinates witch travel. She has a good disposition and temperament. She likes meeting new people. She’s worked in every hospital on the major islands.

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